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11 Cleaning Challenges for 1/11/11

We are snowed in for the 2nd day!  (2 inches…LOL!)  Mostly ice is the issue…

Nonetheless, I have some time on my hands…so I am ambitiously laying down a cleaning challenge!

My goal:  11 cleaning projects today!  Will you join me?

Here’s my goal:

1. Clean and organize computer desk area
2. Clean refrigerator surface
3. Clean bathroom sink counter

4. Clean under bathroom sink

5. Clean bottom of frying pans
6. Organize game shelf
7. Organize shelf in closet
8. Organize Shaklee Desktop
9. Organize Tupperware
10. Re-alphabetize spices
11. Clean and organize under kitchen sink

I may have bitten off more than I can chew! Ready, set, go!  Please leave me a comment or word of encouragement.  If you can participate, please post your projects here too!  Let’s have fun!  A clean home is a healthier home…   (Remember…don’t use toxic cleaners!)

Check back for updates on my progress.  I will post before/after pictures.

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