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21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge

I found a most delightful blog today called, A Bowl Full of Lemons. It’s a blog about cleaning and organizing your home.   She posted a 21 day challenge to help us all get our houses organized.  I decided to jump right in and tackle the first challenge today since we are snowed in for the day!

Day 1:  Clean out a junk drawer

Clean out a junk drawer!  I chose the junk drawer by our refrigerator where we stuff everything when we clean the kitchen.

I took a picture before…..  It doesn’t look like too much junk!

But looks can be deceiving….  Here it is after I took it all out and put it on the counter!

It took about 10 minutes to sort though these items.  I decided to throw away about 75% of it.  I took a few items to other places in the house, but kept a few pens and scissors so they would be easy to find.

And the after picture…..

That was too easy!  What’s next????

Want to accept the challenge too?

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One thought on “21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge

  1. I got so motivated that I cleaned my sink, my oven, and a baked on cheesy casserole dish! Want to know my secret cleaner that made it easy and smells like cherries????

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