30 Day Home Office Fitness Challenge Day 3

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I’m participating in the 30 Day Home Office Fitness Challenge and am now on Day 3. Today’s fitness challenge is about eating healthier so I can have more energy and be more productive in my work day.  Scott recommends making healthy snacks convenient.  Keeping some almonds and fruit on the desk with a bottle of water makes it more convenient than junk food.

I keep a bottled water on my desk (but I am not drinking enough as I can see on today’s video), but today I will put an apple on  my desk.  I like this idea, but I’ll need to get to the grocery store soon to get some more healthy snacks.

You can be healthier and more productive at work, too.   It only takes 10-15 minutes a day and it’s free.

Click here to join the 30 Day Home Office Fitness Challenge.

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