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My name is Carla Clayton and I am your Weight Loss and Wellness Coach.
I get excited when I share with friends how I have successfully managed my weight for over 20 years using natural nutrition products. Whatever my health goal is (lose or maintain weight), Shaklee 180 is part of the solution I’ll use for the rest of my life.


My Shaklee 180 Story

My story starts over 21 years ago when I was a young adult who suffered from chronic sinus infections. I was on antibiotics and other powerful medicines for 9 months out of the year for several years. It wasn’t until I learned about nutrition that I had a health turnaround.

Once I began taking the nutritional supplements and changing my lifestyle (good nutrition, adequate rest, stress management, etc.) I no longer had the infections. I had done a 180 because rather than seeing myself as a victim where sickness just happened, I learned to take responsibility for my wellness.
For the past 21 years, I have used natural weight management products, nutritional products, and skin care products, and I get compliments every single day on how I look younger than I am.

I have used the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit for the past year (2 meal replacements a day) and I’ve lost 17 pounds of fat!  I am so happy I lost that belly fat.

Carla size 4

Now that I am at my ideal weight, I am working on building up strength and continually working toward optimal health by using the Lean and Healthy Kit (1 meal replacement and the Vitalizer vitamin strip.)


The Shaklee 180 program works! I am a walking testimony to that!


A recent client of mine (Debra)  lost 20 pounds in her first 5 weeks on the Turnaround program (2 meals a day.)  With the Shaklee 180 program and my support, together we can help you find your happily ever after – after! Whether you’re looking for a Turnaround in your health or in your financial situation, I’d love to talk with you about how Shaklee 180 can help.

Debra at 92 pounds lighterUpdate 1 year later:  Debra has lost 98 pounds!!! (Jan. 2014)

And here’s another recommendation:

I have been struggling with my weight, general health and emotions since my husband died five years ago. I’ve been studying with Carla for 30 days. I feel like I’ve turned a corner. My clothes are looser, I am not starving all the time, I feel more positive about myself but best of all I’m not so sad any more. Thank you Carla for what you do. ; ). -Pat S
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