Are We Doing Everything We Can To Raise Healthy Children

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As moms, it is easy to feel guilty that we aren’t doing all we can do for our kids.  We are overwhelmed with responsibilities from working outside the home, to chores around the house, to paying bills, to getting kids to school and activities.  It is no wonder we are feeding our kids fast food and frozen dinners.
But what are the consequences for our children?  Are there any easy solutions?

Consequences for our children (related to poor nutrition/weak immune systems)

  • Obesity in children has doubled in the last 10 years (tripled in teens)
  • ADD/ADHD are on the rise
  • Chronic Infections such as cold/flu cause our children to miss school
  • Asthma is rising (possibly due to our cleaning products)
  • Type 2 Diabetes is now seen in kids (used to be rare)
  • Kids are experiencing adult diseases like hypertension and heart disease

Easy Solutions to help our kids be healthier

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