Is it joint pain or arthritis?

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Is it just joint pain… or arthritis?
Even though arthritis affects over 50 million Americans, aches and pains in your joints may be caused by
any number of other conditions.

So… how do you know if your joint pain is arthritis… or something else?

The main symptoms that may indicate arthritis are… learn more here…

And… Shaklee’s one, two, three punch

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The most common causes of joint pain…
It has been estimated that more than 86 million Americans have joint pain of one kind or another.

The most common causes are… Find out more in this article.

And… When to see your health care practitioner about joint pain…

Finally… Arthritis… the #1 cause of disability…

So… you have arthritis! Now what?
While all of the causes of arthritis are still not known, the progression of the disease can often be slowed
significantly and pain can be managed effectively with the right combination of supplements, natural pain
relievers, lifestyle changes and holistic therapies. In fact, some supplement and herbal combinations can
help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain dramatically.

Here are 10 supplements that can help if you have arthritis…

Plus… Lifestyle changes that may ease joint pain…


Also featuring…

10 great reasons to switch to Get Clean Water
Turn on your faucet. Notice anything about your water? It may look clean, but exactly how safe is it?

The truth is, chemicals that can be harmful to your health can actually turn up in the water your family
The good news is… cleaner, healthier water is just a pitcher away. Here are 10 great reasons to switch to
Get Clean Water…

And finally… Did you know… (environmental watchdog water reports)

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