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I was reading Tim Ferriss‘s blog today and was surprised to see the way he is celebrating his birthday this year.  He is giving away up to $50,000 to help public school children go on field trips.    That’s right he is giving away money to celebrate his birthday.

As a former school teacher, I can attest to the importance of field trips to open the minds of our school children.  Many children will never have the chance to leave their small towns and experience the world around them without field trips.  My own community has cut funds for field trips due to necessary budget cuts.  It is sad to watch, but we have hope when we give out of our abundance to causes such as this.

Please visit his blog post and make a donation for his birthday gift.  (Tim Ferriss is the author of the book, The Four Hour Workweek.

My Unusual $100,000 Birthday Present (Plus: Free Round-Trip Anywhere in the World)

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