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Brad Lamm from Dr. Oz’s show helps you lose “Just 10 pounds!”

Brad Lamm is the author of the book, Just 10 pounds and has been featured on the Dr. Oz show.   He is making a bus tour around the country to help spread the message that losing just 10 pounds can help you be healthier.  In this news clip, he surprises a high school friend of his who has gained a lot of weight.  She hasn’t seen him since high school and he shows up at her front door with a news crew and then goes in and looks at her refrigerator! Imagine!!!

Watch this clip and find out what the two commandments are that he gives her.    These are things she must do right now to start on her journey to a healthier life.

Dr. OZ’s Brad Lamm on GDLA:

If you are on the go like his friend in the news clip and need a quick snack, try Shaklee Cinch Shakes and Shaklee Cinch Bars like he mentioned in the clip.

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