Are your supplements safe? Medical News Today reports that many Americans assume that food supplements are regulated more closely than they are. Recently Consumer Reports released a list of 12 ingredients found in supplements sold in the U.S. that may be dangerous to your health. It is the consumers responsibility […]

Are Your Dietary Food Supplements Safe? 12 Dangerous Ingredients ...

Gwyneth Paltrow, age 37, admits she may have Osteopenia (the precursor to Osteoporosis.) Speculations are that her “crazy diets” and excessive exercise programs may be the culprit. Doctors said her vitamin D levels were some of the lowest seen and may be due to her low intake of dairy products. […]

Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet to Blame for Brittle Bone Disease?

According to a blog post at Science Daily a new twin study showed that eating a Mediterranean Style Diet may improve heart function.  That’s good news!    I love eating Mediterranean style foods. Click below to read the summary article. Mediterranean-Style Diet Improves Heart Function, Twin Study Shows Come back and […]

Mediterranean-Style Diet May Improve Heart Function, Twin Study Reveals