Day 13 of Triathlon Training for the Wellness Lady

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Today was the 13th day of my triathlon training and it is going well.  I’ve worked up to swimming 6 laps.  I did 2 without stopping to rest.  That’s an improvement!  But, I’ve got some things I’m trying to workout.  First of all, I’ve got to get some earplugs.  This is the second day I got water in my ears on the first lap and that makes a distracting sound and feeling in my ear.   So note to self: Get ear plugs.

Second comical event today was the towel I brought was obviously the one the cat had been sitting on (under my sink…how dare she!)  When I wiped my face off, I got cat fur in my eyes.  Then I start sneezing because I’m allergic to cats!  Note to self:  On race day….check towels for cat hair.  The third thing I noticed is after my shower, my face is DRY.  I must bring some moisturizer to the gym.

And finally, to my friend and fitness professional, Michele.  You would be proud of me for not making excuses and getting the training done.  (For those that don’t remember, she’s the one that told me I was full of excuses.)  After a very long and I mean long day working at the gym….(I mean working, not working out) being the hostess for an all day open house that went from 9am-8pm, I didn’t give in to my thoughts of going home and not working out.  NO!  I stayed.  I completed my strength training at 8:30 at night and I did it all dressed up in my high heels and dress clothes cause I was too tired to change.  So the personal trainers are making fun of me, but it’s OK.  No excuses.  I gotta be ready come February 27th.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support on Facebook and Twitter. It has really helped keep me going.

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One thought on “Day 13 of Triathlon Training for the Wellness Lady

  1. Keep up the hard work! I’m right there with you..My first Triathlon i was foolish and didn’t train for the swim at all.. 1/2 mile struggle later and i was useless on the bike and run, I finished but was wiped out.

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