30 Day Home Office Fitness Challenge Day 2

Home Office (complete with kittens) 4-20-2007 ...
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Today was a long day at work.  We had our 3 year anniversary celebration party and had over 150 guests partying with us.  I’m tired and it’s after 9 pm, but having the accountability of an audience and the challenge…here I am.   I am sitting on my stability ball doing the home office exercises and just finished reading Day2 of the 30 Day Home Office Challenge.  I’m glad it is easy.  It’s about changing focus off fat loss and focusing on the energy and increased productivity I will have at work and for my home business and family.  Now that’s easy for today.  Tomorrow is new day with a new focus.  See ya then.

Join me in the 30 Day Home Office Challenge by clicking here. You can start at anytime  (why not now!) and it is FREE.

Leave me a note below if you are going to accept the challenge. It’s the accountability you need!

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