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Five Tips for Healthy Eating

Roger Barnett

  • Think before you eat – Take time to think about what you are putting on your plate or in your bowl. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein foods provide the nutrients you need without too many extra calories. Put them on your shopping list so you have them in your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Make half your plate fruits and veggies – Choose the most colorful ones too – dark green, deep orange and red colored fruits and vegetables are packed with health promoting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients such as carotenoids and flavonoids.
  • Enjoy your food, but eat less  Try not to deprive yourself of the foods you love, just avoid oversized portions. Use smaller plates, bowls and cups and keep a food journal to help you track how much you’re eating.
  • Remember that variety is the spice of life – No single food can supply all nutrients in the amounts you need. For example, oranges provide vitamin C but no vitamin B12; cheese provides vitamin B12 but no vitamin C. To make sure you get the nutrients you need, eat a variety of foods everyday.
  • Get some nutrition insurance – If you’re like most peoplethere are plenty of days when “life” just gets in the way of eating your very best. That’s why taking a daily comprehensive multivitamin/mineral supplement makes good nutritional sense.

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