FREE Shaklee Membership with Any Purchase: 8 Reasons to Join Shaklee Now!

If you are not already a member of this awesome buying club, then April is the month to join!

Eight Reasons to Sign Up for a Shaklee Membership today!

  1.  FREE membership: 15% discount on all your purchases  from now until forever! (no minimums, no required ordering)
  2. Receive special promotions, offers, and discounts for even more savings
  3. Access to our Shaklee Member Center where you can find extensive health and wellness information reviewed by the expert Shaklee Health Sciences team
  4. Eligible for the “Member Referral program”  earning $25 product credits for each new member you refer.
  5. Unconditional money-back guarantee
  6. Support a company that for over 50 years has supported environmental stewardship and social causes. (Read more…)
  7. Become part of a movement to help make people and our planet healthier with the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in US
  8. FREE Coaching from me on “How to Blog and Make Money Sharing Wellness!” (Optional)

Your membership is a continual membership and does not require a renewal fee.  You are not required to make monthly orders or sell any products.  Order as much or little as you like on your own schedule.

Click here to join!

Here’s a screenshot of the page you will land on…

I circled in red where you need to click, “Add products to your shopping cart.”  After you shop, you will see that you qualified for a FREE membership.


I suggest you order the Shaklee Vitalizer (TM) so you’ll have everything you need to start living a healthier life.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact me tab and send me a request for help.

To your health,


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