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Happy New Year – Inch Loss Special

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish you a very, happy New Year.  I hope 2011 will be a fantastic year of health, happiness, and prosperity for you and your family.

I also want to say thank you to my Shaklee customers.  Our family appreciates the opportunity to serve you  by providing wellness information and products.  But most importantly, we value your friendship.  Over 18 years ago we began this business and over time many of you have become close friends.

I hope you didn’t gain weight over the holidays!  But, if you did and you want to lose 10 pounds easily without dieting or doing extreme exercise, then you may want to try the Shaklee Cinch Loss Program.  The starter kit is the best value if you want to try the products and have everything you need including meal plans.

Not to brag, but I didn’t gain the standard 5-8 pounds most Americans gain over the holidays.  But, that’s because I Cinch EVERYDAY!  Yes, everyday I make a Cinch protein shake which helps balance my blood sugars and keep me filling full until lunch time.

If you didn’t get a change to take advantage of our last special,  Shaklee has an amazing new special for new members worth more than your membership fee!!!!  In 18 years, I’ve never seen an offer this good!

For all new member orders over $70, Shaklee is giving you the Cinch Weight Loss Sampler Pack for FREE!!

This Pack retails for $101.90

Cinch Sampler Pack Vanilla

Limited time offer! This great sample pack contains:

  • Cinch Vanilla soy shake mix (15 servings)
  • Cinch Peanut Butter Snack Bars (10 bars)
  • Cinch Energy Tea, Pomegranate flavor (28 servings)

Plus these FREE items!

  • Pedometer
  • Program Guide
  • Three month membership to*

Get the great taste of Cinch today!

*This offer ends Jan. 31, 2011.

Losing just 10 pounds can help lower blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol!

This Inch Loss program is different because you KEEP YOU MUSCLE and BURN YOUR FAT!

Cinch is Powered by Leucine and specially formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:

Keep muscle you have

Burn fat you don’t need

Lose inches you don’t want

Start living a happier, healthier life this year. Order a Cinch Starter Kit today.


For all NEW member orders over $70 (members price), Shaklee is giving you the Cinch Weight Loss Sampler Pack for FREE!!

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