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How to get even more benefit from your exercise program!

How To Get Even More Benefit From Your Exercise Program!

Recent research shows there is now a way to get even greater health benefits from your exercise program. The body can multiply the good you are doing IF you help it out….

Research Study #1 ( A Protein-rich Shake (Smoothie) enhanced with the amino acid leucine – consumed after working out – enabled exercisers to lose more fat weight & achieve more muscle mass:

Exercise study results
Changes in Body Composition in the Shake vs. Non-Shake Groups
This research was conducted in conjunction with the Quincy, MA South Shore YMCA in 2008 with middle aged men & women over an 8 week period, and was published online in Fitness Management.

Research Study #2 ( The same protein Shake/Smoothie used in Study #1 PLUS the use of a daily foundational Vita-strip gave the same benefits as above and even more: a greater decrease in blood pressure (than exercise alone) AND an increase in bone density (while those exercising but without the supplements were only able to retain bone density and prevent further loss).


Improved heart health

Takeaway For You From These Studies:

♥Now When You Exercise, You Can ♥

*lose more weight * have more lean muscle * increase your bone density

*lose more body fat *decrease your blood pressure even more

by supporting your body with multi-patented Vitalizer daily vita-strips and a specially enhanced Shaklee 180 Smoothie after exercise
(both available only from Shaklee, the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.)
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