How to Prepare for Summer Sun

Sun Bathing
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When I was  teenager, my mom had her first skin cancer.  That’s when I began to take an interest in prevention.  So for all of my adult life, I have been careful to observe safety tips.  I’m the odd ball at the beach who hangs out early morning or early evening and NOT during mid-day.

My mom has had many battles with skin cancer including a partial nose replacement.  She said she used to BAKE in the sun as a teenager.  I’m thankful I could learn from her and have not had any skin cancer, but I am sad that others will suffer from this easily prevented disease.

I would like to add that one should not put too much confidence in sunscreen.  You can still get burned!  Read and follow directions carefully. Limited time in the sun is best.

But, there are some positives to sun exposure.  We get our Vitamin D from the sun.  I prefer to get mine from food supplements rather than risk it.

I recommend you read the following article by Edward Geehr, M.D., LifeScript’s Medical officer  where he offers tips for preparing for the summer sun and reducing risk of skin cancer. Please protect yourself and your children from the harmful effects of the sun.

How to Prepare for Summer Sun

Enjoy the summer!

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