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New Study Says Take a Vacation: Lower Blood Pressure and Stress Hormones and Experience Fat Loss by Having Fun!

The Wellness Lady has been away from her blog.  Stress!!!  Had some Back and Neck Problems leading to ER visits and well…..I knew it was time for a vacation!  Breathing the fresh air on the beach….. Now, I don’t need  a study to tell me The Health Benefits of a Weekend Getaway, but apparently there is a study that proves not only will you get stress relief, but you will experience fat loss.    (Due to the lowering of the stress hormones, of course..and eating healthy, not junk food.)

I took a week off the computer (went through withdrawal the first night…but then did fine.)  I’m plugged back in now.  Glad to see you all!

Enjoy my pictures and imagine you are there!  We had a wonderful time eating healthy foods and visiting with friends we hadn’t seen in years.

Read and print the following article to convince your boss or spouse that you need to take a vacation.

The Health  Benefits of a Weekend Getaway

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