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Shaklee 180 Product Spotlight: Pomegranate Energy Tea Mix

Are you addicted to diet sodas, sugary sodas, or highly caffeinated energy drinks?

Are these sabotaging your weight loss goals?

More than likely these are working against your efforts to lose weight.

Cutting back on calories can lead to feelings of low energy and fatigue. Low energy all too
often leads to cravings for unhealthy, high-calorie snacks and drinks. So how can you boost
your energy without adding a bunch of extra calories?

Let me introduce you to a safer, natural alternative for a morning or afternoon pick me up.

Introducing Shaklee’s Pomegranate Energy Tea Mix:

Shaklee’s Energy Tea Mix gives you a quick energy boost anytime you need it and can help
you feel more alert, too. The Shaklee proprietary triple tea blend, T-Lift®, includes Matcha, a
premium green tea used in Japanese tea ceremonies, rooibos red tea from South Africa, as
well as white and green tea extracts. Cinch tea also delivers potent antioxidant compounds that
naturally occur in tea leaves. Whether you drink it hot or cold, it’s the natural way to boost energy
as you lose inches.


• T-Lift exclusive three-tea blend includes:
Matcha green tea powder—A premier green tea prepared to naturally
retain all of the nutrients found in tea leaves, including fiber, minerals,
and antioxidants
White tea extract—Also known as baby green tea with a higher level of antioxidant
compounds compared to green tea
Rooibos red tea extract—Unique to the Cedarburg region of South Africa and
with unique polyphenol antioxidant compounds
• Safe, natural energy boost
• Includes taurine, widely studied for enhanced alertness, energy, and endurance
• Perfect alternative to sugary snacks and coffee for a quick energy lift
• Tastes great hot or cold
• Convenient single-serving sticks
• Two available options: unsweetened and pomegranate flavored—pomegranate flavor
contains stevia

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