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Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit Unboxed!

I am so excited that my Shaklee 180 Gold Pak arrived today. Inside is a sample of the Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit and My Shaklee 180 Specialist Kit! It’s an early Christmas for sure.

I made some videos to show me unboxing these. You will see how excited I am!

If you want to preorder your Turnaround Kit, click on the contact me tab above and send me a message. For everyone who preorders before January 1, I have some special bonuses for you. *You will have to be in my Shaklee family to take advantage of this offer.


My Shaklee 180 Specialist Kit also arrived and I have a video showing me unboxing it!


If you would like to have a home business in one of the fastest growing markets with one of the oldest, most respected natural nutrition companies in the world (not to mention coolest company!)  then you might want to take a look at becoming a Shaklee 180 specialist on my team.  I offer excellent training to my team.

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