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When we picked up our Bluebird CSA Sharebox, it came with some recipes to try. We tried two of them and hope you will too! Rosemary Pecan Crusted Trout Chop pecans finely and mix with McCormick Crusting Blend and fresh chopped Rosemary. Dip Tilapia in whisked egg then pecan crusting […]

Pecan Crusted Tilapia on Bed of Mediterranean Roasted Collards: Nutrient ...

Our family went the the Bluebird Market and picked up our first Bluebird CSA Sharebox.  Like many Americans, we are being careful about our grocery budget.   Sometimes it seems it takes a lot of money to eat healthy, but the Bluebird CSA is changing that for us.  For only $15, […]

The Wellness Lady’s Bluebird CSA Sharebox is Full of Nutrient ...

Today at the Bluebird Market, my favorite local farmer (Bob James) did a demonstration on making home made pimento cheese.  He grows his own pimento peppers and roasts them in organic olive oil for this delicious recipe. “Kickin” Pimento Cheese Recipe Ingredients: 16 oz shredded cheddar cheese 16 oz shredded […]

How to Make “Kickin” Pimento Cheese in 5 Minutes

Yesterday, I visited my local neighborhood farmer’s market and spoke with Bobby from James Family Farms.  He was telling me that he is switching to organic practices at his farm due to the increased interest from consumers in our area.  He said he was skeptical at first, but was surprised […]

Do Organic Vegetables Taste Better? Skeptical Farmer Speaks Out!

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday, I took my daughter to the local Bluebird Market to buy some fresh, local vegetables. She loves green peppers and will eat them for a snack anytime of day. Anyway, we both learned something new from our local farmer, James, who sold us our first ever […]

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