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The Best Natural Product for Stress Relief

I want to share with you a secret I discovered several years ago about managing stress naturally and safely.  But first, watch this video and see why I call it, “Beach in a Bottle.”
The product in the video to which I refer is Stress Relief Complex by Shaklee.
Stress Relief Complex helps relax the body and mind, and promotes alertness while enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to everyday stress.* Includes L-theanine, ashwagandha, beta sitosterol, and L-tyrosine.


What does Stress Relief Complex do?

stress relief image• Promotes a calm, relaxed state without causing drowsiness*

• Allows you to be more alert and able to concentrate during times of stress*

• Helps blunt cortisol, a stress-response hormone that can affect long-term health*

• Enhances the body’s ability to adapt to everyday stress*

Stay Alert While Relieving Stress

In a prelimiary, seven day, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted by Shaklee, significantly more people taking Stress Relief Complex* experienced benefits in every category measured, over those who consumed a placebo. These benefits included: being more relaxed, being more alert, feeling less tense, and having better concentration.

Now, let me tell you a funny story. When this product was first released several years ago, I started taking it daily. At the time, I had my two teenaged daughters living at home and you can imagine what our crazy, busy mornings were like. My youngest daughter could tell on the days I forgot to take it and she would say, “Mom, did you forget your stress relief?” Then guess what happened? She started putting my stress relief out on the kitchen table each morning so I wouldn’t forget. I asked her why she did that and she said because it really made a difference and she preferred a calmer mom in the morning.

Want to give it a try? Order here.
And if you are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

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