The Wellness Lady is going to TRI again…Day 1

Today, the gym where I work announced an indoor triathlon and released the training schedule.  The first day said, swim 3 laps.   Silly me… I said,  “I can do that.!”  Then, I started thinking about it…

Now for some background.  The first and last time I competed in any event was over 20 years ago.  It was a bike race.  I came in 9 out of 10, but I did finish.   I wasn’t much of an athlete…still not!  My husband is the cyclist and he persuaded me to do that event.

Anyway,  since I work at the Wellness Center gym, one would expect that I work out.  Hmmm.  Honesty here.   Not so much….

The last time I started a fitness challenge back in September,  things got out of hand with stress in my life and my chronic neck problems reared their ugly head and I ended up seeing a doctor about that.  Now,  I’m not blaming the exercises in the challenge,  just a combination of stress and neck problems.  Anyway, this kinda scared me if you know what I mean about not wanting to start again.

So,  I spoke with our fitness director and told her my concerns.  She said that I could do it because the training schedule is set up to start easy.  I made a few comments and  then she told me I was full of excuses and wasn’t committed to it.  I RESEMBLE that remark!

Well, I like a challenge.  So here goes….

Day 1

Swim 3 laps.

1st challenge…what do you pack?  Ok.  Towel, swim suit, warm clothes after swim, goggles.

2nd challenge….what do you eat?  Hmmm….  Need protein  but cupboards are bare (two pieces of roast beef sandwich meat, leftover turnip fries and ketchup, piece of oatmeal raisin and nut bread from the Bluebird Market.)

3rd challenge…Get there. I’m really not feeling so good, my back has been hurting for a week.  Need encouragement…My daughter agreed to swim with me tonight. Since she used to be on the swim team, that really helped.

Result:  It was fun!  I swam the first length and felt great!  Then on the way back, I started breathing heavy and thinking maybe I started out too fast, and I had better not try to keep up the same pace as my daughter.  Second lap was harder.   Needed more rest in between, but I finished the 3 laps.  My legs were a little weak getting out of the pool.

Now, getting home.  I can feel it.  My right arm hurts a bit.  Using new muscles.  Did I mention I have not swum in over a year?

Tomorrow’s challenge is to bike for 10 minutes.  Silly me,  “I can do that.”  Now, I’m starting to think about that….

Hey, as you can see I really need your support.  Would you post me a word of encouragement?

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6 thoughts on “The Wellness Lady is going to TRI again…Day 1

  1. Congratulations my girlfriend! I am SOOOOOO proud that you actually went home and then BACK to the WC to swim. That is always the hard part for me! You are going to make it .. I will help you… even if I have to get my cattle prod! J/K.

  2. Day after update… I am sore. Feel stiff and achy. Keep up the encouragement. I’m going to need it. 🙂

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