Tired of Achy Joints? Try Glucosamine and Cat’s Claw

The Shaklee Difference™ by Shaklee Corporation

How can one make an informed choice in today’s market place? Rely on Shaklee. In the case of Joint Health Complex*, we don’t just add glucosamine because consumers are aware of the importance of this key ingredient. We formulate the supplement to provide the level of glucosamine that has been shown in peer-reviewed, independent studies to provide benefit.

While many of the most popular glucosamine supplements provide 1,000 milligrams or less, Shaklee Joint Health Complex* provides 1,500 milligrams—an amount shown by scientific data to provide optimal benefit.

But we didn’t stop there. The most common form of glucosamine used in glucosamine supplements is sulfate, but sulfate contains sodium—up to 30% by volume. In order to make Joint Health Complex* the best supplement for everyone, including those who must avoid or reduce sodium intake, we use sodium-free and scientifically substantiated glucosamine hydrochloride. Our scientists also incorporated a beneficial amount of Cat’s Claw, because sound studies show that it promotes joint comfort.*

Many other joint health supplements tout the addition of chondroitin in their supplements. While this compound has been widely studied, after rigorous analysis of studies involving chondroitin, Shaklee and other scientists consider it an unnecessary ingredient because the jury is still out on its effectiveness. Many experts agree that the uncertain science on chondroitin may be due to the fact that oral intakes of this compound are mostly destroyed in the stomach before it can be usefully absorbed.

Always look closely at competitor labels. You will see the Shaklee Difference.

Joint Health Complex #20668

* Helps build cartilage to facilitate range of motion and movement*
* Supports joint function and flexibility*
* Uses clinically proven cat’s claw in combination with glucosamine to promote joint health*
* Improves cushioning in joints*
* Gluten free
* Easy-open, flip-top cap

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