Training Guide – Master File

Getting Started Tools

How the Dream Plan Works, PDF – English | Spanish

First Step Training Complete Guide – English

First Step Training Complete Guide – Spanish

The Shaklee Business Model Video Online Video | .flv .mp4

Order and read Go Pro and Rock Your Network Marketing Business

Plan of Action

How to Invite

Get Started Checklist

Build a Network

Dream & Define Your WHY


Getting Started (the first week):

  1. Set up your PWS (personal website) Customizing Your PWS Workbook
  2. Take a picture of your Distributor Kit when it arrives and post on Facebook, tagging your upline and sharing your excitement.
  3. Send me ( your Share Shaklee List of the Top 25 people you want to help with their healthy and your Top 5 people that you would love to have join you in the business.
  4. Schedule three 3-way conference calls on either health topics or the business in the next seven days
  5. Complete Dreams and Goals
  6. How to use Business Tab in your member center

Complete 1-5 in the first seven days and receive a FREE product from me – up to $25 value.  (Email me to receive your prize!)


Getting Started (first 30 days):

  1. Have a meeting/call with your upline discussing your why, your goals, and putting together your plan.
  2. Call three team members and Your 60 Second Story
  3. Review the Training Resources Guide. Register for Monday and Thursday webinars
  4. Follow this link to review the First Step Resource Guide .
  5. Prepare your 1-2 minute story sharing why you chose Shaklee (Freely include stories of health or success from your team to explain the impact Shaklee can make if needed.)
  6. Increase your Share Shaklee List to 100 people. Star at least ten people who you believe would be great additions to your Shaklee team.
  7. View the first two videos in the “Video Links” file.
  8. Host two Grand Opening Events (in-home and facebook event)
  9. In addition to your Grand Opening Events, plan one additional way to communicate your why (and your how) with the people you could help (writing a letter, a blog post, etc).
  10. Complete the first three sessions of “Eight Weeks to Director Summer School Series” (under training tab)
  11. Hold two three-way calls with your upline for business prospects
  12. Hold three three-way calls with your upline for health related/customer prospects
  13. Set up Direct Deposit
  14. Set up Autoship (at least 100pv)

Complete 1-14 in the first 30 days and receive a FREE product from me – up to $100 value.  (Email me to receive your prize!)


Sharing Shaklee

Your 60 Second Story

Smoothie Workshop Q and A

Business Launch Event



For your Members

Shaklee Member Benefits (New Member Letter/Email)

Symptom Assessment 2015 | Project Health Symptom Assessment | How do you feel today?

5 Day Reset 

New Member Process 2015_word


Facebook Events

Facebook Love your Skin

Get Clean party | Go Green Get Clean Facebook

Facebook Natural Childrens Wellness

Facebook Love your Body Party

Facebook Business Party

Detox Posts for Facebook Group 

100 Day Challenge Scripts

Facebook Group Event July 2015

Facebook Launch EVENT


Social Media

Social Media by Sarah Robbins (One and Two)

Shaklee FB Events (Go here, then click on the top Training tab, then go to Legacy and Leadership Winter 2015, click on Facebook videos.)

Pinterest 101

Facebook Training – 50 Minute Routine



Product Info

Getting Started with Shaklee Nutrition:  English | Spanish

Why Supplement Video Online Video | .flv

The Story Behind Get Clean Online Video | .flv | mp4

Basic H2 Uses & Instructions Flyer, PDF, English

Children’s Wellness Program (Blog Post)

Lots of Shaklee Blog Posts

Product Videos, Calls, and Webinars

Medicine Cabinet Remedies




Opportunity Presentation (Updated Aug 2015)English | Spanish

New Distributor Start-Up Guide – English | Spanish

Live Well with Shaklee Brochure – English | Spanish

Dream Plan Brochure Updated 8/15 – English | Chart Only

Ways to Join – Member – English

Ways to Join – Distributor/Gold PAKs – English

Share the Effect Product Videos

Share the Effect Profile Videos

5 Questions to Ask a Company Before Buying their Supplements



Shaklee TV Channels

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