Apple Feta Salad Made from our Bluebird CSA Sharebox

Today’s Bluebird CSA Sharebox included the ingredients for a healthy salad made with locally grown buttercrunch lettuce, Rome apples, and pecans.

This is what I made and everyone in the family loved it!

Apple Feta Salad

Rinse, tear and drain artisan lettuces.  Add thinly sliced apples, crumbled feta cheese, and chopped pecans.

Toss in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, seasalt, and pepper.

Apples are a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.  Apples are heart healthy foods!

Most of the apple’s fiber is contained in its skin, as is the majority of its quercitin. Unfortunately, in conventionally grown apples, the apple skin is also the part most likely to contain pesticide residues and may have toxic residues if covered in petroleum-based waxes. Since peeling results in the loss of apples’ flavonoids and most of its valuable fiber, choose organically grown apples whenever possible.
–World’s Healthiest Foods
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