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Cleaning and Organizing my Spice Shelf

I’m participating in the 21 Day Organizing Challenge hosted by Toni at a Bowl Full of Lemons.   Today is the day to clean and organize the spice shelf.

I was really dreading this one because it has been so long since I cleaned this shelf over my stove.  It had a build up of grease on each spice and the shelf.  It’s embarrassing to share, but if it encourages others to take the challenge, I will share it.

I took everything off the shelf and put it on the counter.

I got out my Get Clean Kitchen Kit which includes Shaklee  Basic H, Basic G, and Scour Off to remove the grease from the shelves and the spice bottles and to disinfect everything.

I wiped everything down and made it clean and sparkly.  Above the oven collects a lot of oil and makes the shelves and spices sticky.  The Basic H degrease  formula made clean up easy!  And no smelly fumes either!

Then I alphabetized my spices on the top shelf because they are all the same size.  On the bottom shelf, I sorted and put them in groupings of similar items.  I threw away items that had expired.

Happy Organizing to you!

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