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Feeling Great While Getting Better

10 Signs It's Time for a Reset

Do you know how sometimes it seems like there are nothing but unhealthy choices in our lives? Like junk food and fast food and food with additives and GMOs coming at us from all sides – or they are the only things we can fit into our busy schedules?

What if there were a simple and affordable way that we could step back and get a fresh start? To find a way that healthy choices can easily fit into our overbooked lives? And to maybe get more energy and focus, or lose a few pounds that have mysteriously appeared, or reduce the headaches or digestive issues or aches and pains that have crept into our days and nights while we weren’t paying attention?

These are among the things that our Get Healthy 5 Day Reset is designed to address.

What’s a Reset?

We know that the primary factor that controls how we feel. and how we perform in life, is what we eat. Exercise, stress management and a host of other activities certainly play important roles, but they are much less effective if we aren’t providing good building blocks and fuel for them to build on.

We also know that there are foods that can have a beneficial effect in helping our bodies “clean house” and rebuild our internal defenses. Our immune system is very dependent on the flora in our gut – and what we eat is very important in supporting the right kinds of microbes that live within us, both for keeping us healthy and for avoiding digestive issues.

And we know that deliberately focusing on building good habits for even just a few days can help us replace bad habits for a long time to come – especially if we notice significant improvements in things we’ve been complaining to ourselves about that we can directly link to those new good practices.

So we’ve developed this Get Healthy 5 Day Reset program as a simple and effective way to shift to a healthier track in our lives. We are among a growing group of health-conscious people who have benefited from this life-enhancing learning experience. Join us for a few days to experience what a healthier routine can feel like!

NOTE: This is NOT a “cleanse”, or “detox”, or some kind of personal “punishment”, but a 5 day “island of time” to be good to your body and set yourself onto a healthier path. It is not intended as a “cure” or a “diet”, but as a trial run that helps us feel the beneficial effects of switching to a simple daily routine of healthful eating practices, regular exercise and positive influences.

The Daily Reset Routine

The 5 Day Reset is built around quick and easy-to-prepare healthful meals based on tasty and healthful smoothies. It includes eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water, with fresh lemon juice, to both keep us hydrated and help our bodies carry out all their natural, fluid-based functions.

“I can’t believe I’ve made it until Friday. I’ve never been able to stick to a plan like this EVER!!! I’m down five pounds and feeling great!”

— Dawn

When you enroll in the program, you will receive a meal plan, recipes, support and more!

Exercise is also an important factor. It not only helps our bodies to stay strong, but exercise is also great for relieving stress and helping us sleep better – and it can be a fun social activity if we do it with a few friends!

In addition, we also provide great support and educational resources. We offer membership in a private Facebook group for sharing motivational messages, experiences, recipes and more – learning about how what we’re eating helps us. Sharing our experiences also helps us to learn by focusing our attention on how our bodies are responding. And getting advice from more experienced members of the group is very valuable as well. Informational documents and videos are also available as resources of this Facebook group.

Telephone support from one of our members is also available if you have questions or would like to discuss anything. And there are local support groups in many areas – or you could start your own with a little coaching.

And to help you track your progress over these 5 days, we provide a daily checklist you can use to help you stay on track:

And for a little inspiration, here are some testimonials from people who have already followed the 5 Day Reset Program:

5 Day Reset Testimonials

So, do you want to know how to get started?

Here’s what you do.  Simply click here and fill out the form on this page and I’ll give all the details you’ll need to decide if this is the right program for you.   




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