Make this Season Merry, Bright & Balanced ⭐️

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… right?!

Well… it doesn’t always feel like it. Maybe you’re feeling like it’s the most chaotic, most stressful, most exhausting or most unhealthy time of the year. If you are feeling that way, then read on below. Because I have a few simple tips to help you manage all the things this time of year and have more peace all season long!

1. Shop smart and shop early.

No one wants to be in a crowded store with other stressed-out shoppers trying to find last minute gifts. Or spend hours online trying to find the best price for items on your list, just to find out most things are out of stock or won’t arrive in time. 

Holiday deals are starting earlier every year so you can shop early to save money and stress. Even if you don’t get the best deal, the peace of having it done earlier might be worth the few extra dollars you paid. Also, don’t be afraid to just send gift cards! 

Many people like shopping for themselves, so don’t feel like it’s any less thoughtful than an actual gift. 


2. Take time to rest.

I would argue that the biggest influence on your mood, stress levels and overall health is how rested you are. This time of year can be so busy it’s hard to find time to rest and relax, which is all the more reason you need to make time for it! 

Go to bed and wake up the same time most nights to regulate your sleep rhythm. Have a relaxing bedtime routine for better sleep. Make sure you are resting a couple times throughout the day to give your brain and body a break. 

Do things that you enjoy and make you feel relaxed. 


3. Set reasonable expectations.

Have a family meeting to go over what is most important to everyone this year. Then you can prioritize family activities, events, traveling and even gifts. 

Nothing is more frustrating than putting in a ton of time and effort into something that people don’t even expect you to do, or they may have been expecting or hoping for something else. 

Make sure everyone has reasonable expectations going into the season to reduce frustrations and let-downs. And set reasonable expectations for yourself too!


4. Set clear boundaries.

It really is ok to say no. When extended family wants you to travel or spend more time away from home, when kids are asking for too much, or when work is putting too much on your plate –just say no! 

This goes along with setting expectations. Know what is most important to you and set boundaries to protect those things. ‍


5. Be present in the moment.

This is my favorite tip of all. Just slow down and enjoy the moment. Put down your phone and to-do list and just BE with your loved ones. Enjoy opening presents without feeling like you need to capture it all on video. 

Have fun decorating cookies even if they aren’t perfect or are creating a huge mess. Your family and loved ones just care that you enjoy being together. 

You only get 18 Christmases with your kids before they move out, so soak in every moment of every one of them! 

Hopefully you’re starting to feel like it really is possible to enjoy the Christmas season while also feeling good. The tips above are just a tiny snippet of the value that I have to share with you. If you are ready to see more, then my December monthly membership is for you! We’re ending the year feeling ‘Merry, Bright & Balanced.’ 

You really can have a healthy balance through the busiest time of the year! We’re committing to our health even through the holidays, while also enjoying all the merry moments. We’ll set healthy boundaries for our nutrition and exercise so we can stay on track. We’ll also share special ways to slay your day so you can feel great at all the fun events and gatherings. Plus, no stress this season, because we’re keeping things bright and balanced with helpful tips for all areas of your health and wellness!

There’s no way I could do this alone, so I don’t expect you to either! Everyone in my group is working towards a healthier and happier holiday AND life. We support each other, hold one another accountable and cheer each other on! Tis the season to shine, so come join us!

Are you ready to feel more merry, bright and balanced?! Then let’s go! Don’t wait until the new year to feel great and enjoy your life. CLICK HERE and fill out my interest form so we can chat about how to get started!

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