Breakfast Ideas

If you are in a rush in the morning, the easiest way to get a balanced breakfast is to make a breakfast shake or smoothie. These are quick and easy and ensures you get enough protein to stay with you until lunch. Most of our quick breakfast foods are carbs only and this causes our blood sugar to drop and leaves us craving sweets. Avoid that by making one of the following shakes each morning.

Three Power Shake Recipes to Energize You in the Morning!


Lunch Ideas

Drink Your Greens: Collard Green Smoothies

 Apple Feta Salad

How to Make Healthy French Fries Using  Turnips

Because we got so many turnips in our weekly fresh vegetable box from the Bluebird CSA, we had to get creative and find new ways to cook turnips.  This turned out to be so much fun and delicious to make french fries with turnips.  We had a dinner party and served them to our guests and they loved them.  Never say never!

How to Make Home Made Applesauce


Dinner Ideas

Pecan Crusted Tilapia on Bed of Mediterranean Roasted Collards: Nutrient Rich Recipes

How to Sneak Vegetables in Your Child’s Diet


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