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Smoothie Freezer Meals Workshop

Join us for a ‘Make and Take’ Healthy Smoothie Workshop

There is NOTHING to shop for or chop or prep ahead of time….just bring your cooler and plan to have good conversation and some fun!

In under an hour, we will make, pack and freeze 7 different smoothies, so that all you have to do later is enjoy.


Come to the event with your cooler. We will have all the ingredients for 7 different smoothie recipes ready to assemble!

Sample a couple of our favorites.
Fill your baggies according to the recipes provided.
Take them home.
Pick one each day, add your choice of milk, blend and enjoy!


1 week of delicious and nutritious smoothie packs for your freezer! Includes 7 bags of smoothie ingredients and Shaklee Life Energizing Shake Mix (in either the soy or non-soy option). Learn more about the energizing shake mix here.
Sheet of recipes
An average of 3.5 hours of time saved
A fun hour out

Yup… just reach into the freezer each day, select a baggy, add your choice of liquid… hit the blend button!!! Perfect for quick and easy breakfasts!


Next Smoothie Workshop:

Tuesday, October 11


Harmony Eco Spa

400 4th St N

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Register at

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